Hepco Becker Lock-It side racks
SKB I-series cases
Integrated lid lanyards and gear retention straps
Caribou quick attach/release mount system
Integrated waterproof lid lock

BMW R1200GS (2013 and newer) 40L Side Luggage Pannier System

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The world’s toughest and most waterproof motorcycle luggage system proven by thousands of adventure riders all over the world.


- Fits 2013 and newer BMW R1200GS. Easy to assemble turn-key System complete with cases, side racks, locks, mounting hardware, everything. No drilling or modification to the bike.

- Nearly indestructible SKB cases with a heavy duty watertight O-ring lid seal - will not crack or shatter like hard plastic, will not dent & leak like aluminum luggage. 

- Cases are pre-drilled for optimum performance & safety with pre-installed waterproof lid locks, lid lanyards, and gear retention straps (if you prefer undrilled cases just ask).

- Caribou quick attach/release system holds the case tightly on the side rack. Locking latch is fully adjustable to account for wear and to keep the system tight and secure forever

- Our latch is outside of the case, no need to open case and unload your gear to access pucks or bolts. It is field replaceable and designed to release the case from the bike in a hard crash thereby protecting the bike's subframe and luggage rack.

- Single key system - the key on the latch is matched to the case lid lock key.

- Super strong Hepco Becker “Lock-It” side luggage racks - the best fit and most durable side racks available. Remove most of the rack in a few short minutes leaving behind small unobtrusive attach plates.

- All mount components are made of high strength powder coated steel.  No brittle plastic parts holding the case to the bike.

- Passenger Friendly Design - plenty of room for passenger's legs and feet on passenger peg.

- Narrow 38-39" width across outside of cases at widest point on bike. Total weight is approx. 36 lbs including cases, racks, hardware, and all bracket components

- Case dimensions are approximately External 55.9cm (22") x 47cm (18.5") x 21.6cm (8.5") and Internal 52.1cm (20.5") x 39.4cm (15.5") x 19.6cm (7.7")

- Black cases only

-Includes photo instructions & phone support Mon-Fri 9-5pm Mountain Time.
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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by BlauBeeMr, 10/29/2014

I recently purchased a 2015 BMW R1200 GSA that came with the OEM racks. After several weeks of research (and reading LOTS of opines of what sidebags are better), I opted to call Roger and buy the 40L sidebags and Hepco Becker racks prior to taking a trip last weekend.
I can attest to the fact that these are OUTSTANDING sidebags! Taking off the OEM racks and installing the HB racks took me a couple of hours (I don't work fast....just deliberate). The bag brackets took a total of about 45 minutes to install. Mounting the new sidebags to the HB racks required a little jiggling and pushing due to the tight tolerances (which is, frankly, a comfort to know they are "gutentight" in their fitting).
I traveled 1,360 miles through the twisties and even a little trail riding in Arkansas and the bags performed flawlessly.
Truth be told, I did pack a little heavy and the bags were packed to the gills, but I never realized it while riding! My bike even took a nap when I crested a steep embankment....and the bags didn't even scratch and kept the back end of the bike off the ground!
What would I improve upon in the design? The two latches have a dime-sized pressout that seems a key-lock mechanism would fit to lock the latches....just to provide that extra assurance that the latches wouldn't pop open. The existing latch performs well and does it's job perfectly though - so the double latch would be a minor improvement. Another option would be to add a TSA-like combination lock instead of a keyed locking mechanism on the bags.....that way you don't need to keep up with a key to access your bags - just to take them off the racks!
Overall, I would strongly recommend these bags for any Adventure bike - the price, quality, and warranty cannot be beat! An added bonus is the fact they don't dent!
Many folks' perspective on side-loading vs. top-loading is that they prefer top loading because things fall out....well, from personal experience, spend the extra $40 for case liners and you'll have a side/top-loading bag that packs very well and keeps everything inside when opened!
Again, I'd like to give Roger HUGE KUDOS for a great product and support!