Caribou Case Liners for Pelican and Storm Cases
Caribou Case Liners for Pelican and Storm Cases
Caribou Case Liners for Pelican and Storm Cases
Snap Buttons allow lid to open completely

Caribou Case Liners for 35L Pelican Side Cases - Pair

$45.00 - $60.00
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One pair of Caribou Liners outfits two Pelican 1550 cases. Caribou Case Liners give you the best of both worlds of top loading and side loading motorcycle luggage – when you open the case nothing falls out, you can see and access all of your gear easily, and you can leave long items strapped across the rear seat and still get the case open. Our liners are made of a strong, weatherproof, mold/mildew resistant, and UV resistant material. This item inlcudes 2 liners that will outfit a complete set of 35L Pelican side cases. Note that lanyards are not included when liners are installedMade In USA

- The heavy duty material resists creasing so it does not get caught in the seam when you close the case. The liners also run along the bottom of the case so items don't get caught in the bottom hinge area.
- The material is thick enough and has a slight “memory” so that it rolls into the case.
- Snap buttons on the lid allow you to lay the case flat and load it with the lid fully open.
- We pre-install them when you order a new set of luggage (lanyards are not installed).  They are Retro-fittable to existing 35L Caribou cases.

This item fits the Caribou 35L Pelican 1550 type side cases (one pair outfits two cases).  We also make them for the 35L Storm iM2600 type side cases.


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