Waterproof lid locks
Integrated lid lanyards and gear retention straps
Caribou quick attach/release mount system
HB Side Racks

BMW G650GS/Sertao 35 Liter Pelican Side Luggage Pannier System

SKU: G650GS35S

The world’s toughest and most waterproof motorcycle luggage system proven by thousands of adventure riders all over the world. Fits BMW G650GS/Sertao

Complete Turn-Key System - 70 Liter total capacity. Includes two 35 Liter cases, side racks, single key locks, mounting hardware, everything. No drilling or modification to the bike.

Nearly indestructible - Cases made with a tough co-polymer material and a heavy duty watertight O-ring lid seal - will not crack or shatter like hard plastic, will not dent & leak like aluminum, will not rip and tear like soft bags. The last side cases you will ever need to buy.

Secure and Convenient - Caribou Cases are on and off the bike in seconds with no straps or fasteners to fiddle with. Locks give you security and peace of mind while you are away from your bike.

Safety - Caribou Cases have smooth, large radius corners and are positioned on the bike for all types of riding and terrain - safer than the sharp corners of aluminum luggage.

User Friendly - Caribou cases are pre-drilled with pre-installed waterproof lid locks, lid lanyards to keep the lid from swinging down, and gear retention straps to hold things in the case while you open it. Optional inner bags and liners make life even easier.

Designed for the Long Haul - Caribou quick attach/release system holds the case tightly on the rack with an external locking latch that is adjustable to account for wear and to keep the system tight and secure forever. Latch is field replaceable and designed to release the case from the bike in a hard crash thereby protecting the bike's subframe and luggage rack.

Durable - All mount components are made of high strength powder coated steel with bushing material to prevent metal-on-metal contact - no brittle plastic parts holding the case to the bike like most OEM luggage. Super Strong Hepco Becker side racks.

Passenger Friendly - Plenty of room for passenger's legs and feet.

Narrow and Light on the Bike - 36"-39" width (depending on bike model) across outside of cases at widest point on bike, and each case with mounting hardware weighs only 14lbs. Case dimensions are approx. 48cm (18.9") x 36.6cm (14.4") x 19.7cm (7.75") Internal, and 52.6cm (20.7") x43.7cm (17.2") x 21.8cm (8.6") External.

Easy Installation - Includes photo instructions & phone support Mon-Fri 9-5pm Mountain Time.

Full Line of Accessories - Liners, inner bags, SOLAS reflective tape, tie-downs straps and loops, lid organizers, and more.

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Gareth , 03/03/2014

I am very pleased with the luggage system I bought from Caribou for my G650GS Sertao (34L top box kit and Pelican side-case kit). I have used it a lot and have had no issues. I use the side cases less than the top box, but they are working very well and I love em. Already donked one a glancing blow on a wooden post at a campsite, but with absolutely no impact on the case or the rack. Could not find a scratch. The rack is very sturdy and tough. Keeps the cases at a great height in regard to low centre of gravity and adding some wind stability to this tall and skinny bike. As with the top box kit, cheers again, Roger, for your help getting it all to NZ.