Hardware Installed on Rear Cargo Plate/Rack (plate not included)
DIY Top Case Kit Standard
Caribou quick attach/release (Case not included)

Caribou DIY External Latch Top Case Mount System - Standard

Please Specify Top Rack/Plate Used:

- Strong, quick attach/release system for a motorcycle top case that works with several rear racks/plates and many types of cases.

- Compatible with Caribou Cargo Plate for your specific bike, or Givi Monokey (metal top plate only, "SRA" prefix, M8A, and M8B), SW Motech Adventure-Rack, Perun, or your own custom-made rear rack/plate (specify your rack/plate at checkout)

- Possible cases to use include Pelican 1550/1520, Storm iM2600/iM2450/iM2400, Pelican AIR 1557, SKB I-Series including 40 Liter (3i-2015-7B-E), 37 Liter (3I-19144N-8B-E) and 25 Liter (3I-1813-7B-E), Apache, or any plastic or aluminum case with a 10"x10" flat bottom inside and outside. Drilling and hole pattern instructions are provided for both the case and the plate. 

- The lockable latch is external to the case so you do not have to open the case to unlatch it from the bike, (the Deluxe version includes a case lid lock as well).  The "no-rattle" latch is adjustable to keep the case tight on the rack and is field replaceable - unmatched in the industry. 

-Includes photo instructions & phone support Mon-Fri 9-5pm Mountain Time.
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