Integrated lid lock included
Back of case assembled, assembly required
Inside of case assembled, assembly required
35 liter case
Quick attach/release hardware

35 Liter Caribou Top Case for SW Motech Adventure Rear Racks


Complete and easy to assemble rear top case system for SW Motech Adventure rear racks - Includes a pre-drilled black 35 liter case (made in USA by Pelican), quick attach-release system, and locks.  Fits SW Motech Adventure rear top racks, no other adapter kit needed. Fits many bikes from BMW, Ducati, Honda, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, KTM, Moto-Guzzi, Suzuki, Triumph, Yamaha and others. Purchase the SW Motech Adventure rear top rack for your bike by visiting: SW Motech Adventure Rear Racks

Nearly indestructible - Cases made with a tough co-polymer material and a heavy duty watertight O-ring lid seal - will not crack or shatter like hard plastic, will not dent & leak like aluminum, will not rip and tear like soft bags. The last top case you will ever need to buy.

Secure and Convenient - Caribou Cases are on and off the bike in seconds with the Caribou quick attach-release system. Integrated locks in latch and case lid give you security and peace of mind while you are away from your bike

Designed for the Long Haul - Case fits tightly on the bike with an external locking latch that is adjustable to account for wear and to keep the system tight and secure forever.

Durable - All mount components are made of high strength powder coated steel - no brittle plastic parts holding the case to the bike like most OEM luggage

Easy Installation - Includes photo instructions & phone support Mon-Fri 9-5pm Pacific Time.

Full Line of Accessories - Tie-down straps and loops.

Light and low profile on the bike -. 35 liter (2,136 cu/in) Case dimensions are approx. 48cm (18.9") x 36.6cm (14.4") x 19.7cm (7.75") Internal, and 52.6cm (20.7") x43.7cm (17.2") x 21.8cm (8.6") External.

NOTE: To swap between the Caribou top case and an SW Motech top case on the same bike you must change out the rear latch part on the rear rack/plate (two screws).
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