About Us

Caribou Luggage Systems, located in Boulder, USA, designs and builds adventure touring motorcycle luggage systems and accessories for BMW, Kawasaki, Suzuki, KTM, Honda, Triumph, Yamaha and many other motorcycles.  We began in 2005 with the original Pelican case based luggage that has since been used by thousands of motorcyclists all over the world. For over 15 years we have continued our focus on toughness and durability and have steadily built a larger product line. We strive to bring you the toughest motorcycle products, best value, and best customer service in the motorcycle industry. Call us at 707-861-2760, or email

Company History of Innovation:
October 2005 - Caribou Luggage Systems announces the world's first complete motorcycle luggage system based on Pelican cases featuring quick attach-release field replaceable latch, integrated keyed lid locks, internal retention straps, lid lanyards, heavy gage steel racks and complete top case systems.

October 2006 - Custom Fit Inner Bags for Pelican cases are introduced

March 2008 - 35L Hardigg (now Pelican) Storm cases and 40L SKB cases are introduced

June 2008 - Caribou side luggage sytems now fit Givi, SW Motech and Hepco Becker side luggage racks greatly expanding the number of bikes customers can mount Caribou cases

July 2008 - Caribou complete side luggage systems now include super strong Hepco Becker "Lock-It" side luggage racks standard for all new bikes going forward.

December 2008 - Caribou Hard Bolt Kits are offered to provide rigidity to "Lock-It" and "Quick-Lock" removeable racks from Hepco Becker and SW Motech.

August 2009 - Caribou introduces the 34L top case that holds a full size helmet.

May 2010 - Caribou introduces the super strong and lightweight QFS (Quick Fasten System) for top cases.

January 2011 - Caribou introduces Pelican 25 Liter (1520) size cases for side luggage.

March 2011 - Caribou introduces custom case liners that create the best of both worlds of top loading and side loading motorcycle luggage.

June 2011 - Caribou expands important accessories including tie-down brackets, tie-down straps, lid organizers, and SOLAS reflective tape kits.

August 2011 - Caribou introduces back rest pads for all top cases.

September 2011 - Caribou introduces a new Scooter product line including glove box liners.

April 2015 - Caribou introduces the COMMANDO hybrid soft luggage system.