Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials:

Hey Caribou,

I just wanted to send you a quick note. Because of this set up that I purchased from you the entire back end of my bike was saved 2 days ago. Someone turned left directly into me as I was going 25mph - into my left pannier. I went down but because of the cases there is no damage to the back of the bike from the impact - not that I can see anyway, still needs to be seen. Just bent handlebar, smashed mirror and some other minor stuff - I had protection for the bike in front as well. The cases barely have scuff marks from where they were hit by the car. Just some scrapes from where it hit the road. But nothing that actually makes them operate differently then they should. And I think it gives them character. Anyway - thanks for putting out such a great set up!

Crhisti C. , Dec 2023



Dear Caribou,

Installed them without any problem on Monday June 29. Thought I might have to drill a hole but loosened things up and got everything to line up with IMPECCABLE PRECISION !  very solid and more than I expected. Alaskan Caribou approved for the ruggedness required in the Far North.
I making my decision after a winter of looking and reading reviews Hard,soft, light heavy etc,  Caribou is best.There's a book called ESSENTIALISM, which is about doing more with less.  Caribou Luggages personifies ESSENTIAL.  everything is there, all you have to do is put whatever bag you want inside and go no buckles, straps etc. clean it with a pressure washer... There's too much mud flying around on my trails here to deal with cleaning the soft stuff

Randy, June 2020


Dear Caribou,
Thank you for the great products and technical support to make your products so versatile. With your help my luggage fits my 2008 650 V Strom and my 2019 KTM 790 Adventure R.  I can take the luggage from one bike to the other without any adjustments, in less than a minute. Could not be happier! With the S W Motech  pro racks on the KTM, I can ride with my soft bags, Caribou hard boxes or remove the S W Motech pro racks with quick release and ride with just a dry backpack. This setup is so versatile, quick to change for all types of riding and conditions.Thanks again,

Steve C. 2019


Dear Caribou,

It is a pleasure to deal with small business with great products and real customer service  Even after the miles on the luggage (30,000 and counting)  it is dust and waterproof and outperforms metal panniers in these areas and especially if damaged. Tthey slide and abrade but do not deform.  Fortunately I have not had to prove this but have friends who have demonstrated the capability!  The liners are such a great convenience in packing and at the end of a long day whether camping or staying under a roof.  They have also served well in other forms of travel, and the system is very cost effective compared to the standard metal brands.


-Bill A 2017

Just a quick report on your luggage system for the 2013 650 Suzuki V-Strom that I purchased from you.
I just completed a 3000 mile bike-camping tour of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho (we trailered the bikes from Pennsylvania to Buffalo, Wyoming, which added another 3400 miles to the trip). The motorcycle ride was a mix of 2 lane paved mountain roads, and Forest Service gravel, with a smidgen of interstate thrown in. We tent camped along the way, staying primarily at Forest Service camp sites.
Your luggage performed superbly.  The 35 liter Pelican Cases, in combination with a top case, and my tent, sleeping pad and bag strapped across my rear seat, provided plenty of capacity for cushy camping (more like car camping than back-packing).  Of course the Pelican Cases are bullet proof, and while we didn't see a drop of rain, I can tell you that the gravel roads were extremely dusty.  There was zero evidence of any dust intrusion into the cases.  And, the Hepco Becker rack system was excellent, no issues at all.  I had some concern that the 1/4 turn fasteners would not be sturdy enough, based on the fact that you offer a hard bolt option, but I had zero issues with them, even after miles of extreme washboard, and rock strewn roads (if you have ever ridden to Bowman Lake in Glacier National Park, you know what I mean, (the road will jar the fillings out of your teeth).  Every 4-5 days we splurged and got a motel room to sleep in a real bed and take a shower.  The system you developed for quick luggage removal and installation are excellent.  I could easily take the luggage into the motel room without a hassle, and installation of the bags is easy, once you practice a few times.  And, I ordered your cases with the case liners installed.  There are certainly good arguments on both sides of the "top vs side load" issue.  The case liners do a good job of addressing the debate.  The only extra step is to take one extra second to make sure the liners are properly folded in when you close the case to prevent any pinching on the Pelican's primary seal.  
When I first unpacked your system, I was a bit concerned over the provided installation instructions, thinking at first that they were pretty sparse.  However, I had no problem installing the system, it took me about 4 hours total, taking my time.  I elected to solder extension wires onto my turn-signals, although crimping is a faster option.  And, I used medium strength Locktite (blue) on all fasteners. All in all, the installation went smoothly.  My only advice to prospective purchasers is not to wait until the night before a trip to install the system.  Give yourself a few days.....
I realize that I could have saved a few hundred bucks by buying a rack system and Pelican bags separately on my own.  But, I can tell you that the engineering you put into an integrated system is well worth the slight increase in cost.  
I really have no suggestions for improving the system Roger.  It would have been nice not to have to relocate the turn signals on the V-Strom, but it was no big deal.  
I debated buying a more expensive aluminum case system for this trip.  I am glad I didn't.  Your system provided excellent performance at a high value price point. 
Thanks for a great system.  You are welcome to use this note as a reference for prospective customers.  
Eric B., July 2016


I bought a set of 40L Caribou side cases in  2011 to install on my 2010 BMW G650GS. The installation process was straightforward and I had no difficulties installing either the Hepco Becker side racks or fitting out the cases for attachment to the side racks. Since purchasing my Caribou side cases, I have traveled a bit over 13,000 miles with them, not as many miles as some riders, but more than many.  These cases have not disappointed in any regard.  They have traveled through rain storms of Biblical intensity from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean and from upper Montana to south of Phoenix without a trace of moisture entering the cases.  While I hope not to "test" them, I believe they would act as excellent rear crash bars in a low side crash should I ever experience one.  I feel safer riding with the cases mounted to my bike and I rarely take them off .  The only problem these cases present for me is swinging my right leg over the rear of the bike when I "saddle up."  This "problem" is most assuredly no fault of the cases. I am "inseam challenged" at 31 inches, so I have to remember to get some "lift" on my right leg and pivot on the sole of my left riding boot.  For me, the 40L cases make it easy to pack (if you can call pitching stuff into them "packing") and I am glad I bought the largest size case. I can carry almost anything I want except the kitchen sink.  A durable and functional product that I strongly recommend to anyone who needs to carry stuff on a motorcycle.

-Nelson K., 8-23-2015



Hello, a few years ago I purchased a Caribou luggage system from you. It's been outstanding; it's travelled from the hinterlands of Labrador, Canada to Central America, over 70 000 trouble free kilometers. In fact, I'm transferring the setup to a new bike (my third V-Strom) next week! Thanks!

-Walter W. 8-23-2015


Hello Caribou,

Karen and I returned last month from a 8 day, 750 mile dual purpose ride in Colorado and Wyoming.     Karen (XT250) and I (DRZ400) both used the Commando bags for the trip.     They worked out great!     Tough and waterproof.

-Fred D., Colorado, 7-20-2015    



My cases just did a great job of protecting my Super Tenere in a low side crash on a gravel/dirt forest service road in 3rd gear. Bike slid in a turn and I came down on the side, sliding quite a bit. Minor scratches on the case, Hepco-Becker racks straight like fresh out of the box. In the front a Hepco Becker crash bar took all the fall and remained equally straight (though it scratched much worse than the Pelican 1550 case).

I used to take the cases off for day rides but now I think I will always keep them on since they are such great protection.

Benedikt, 6-8-2015



In early 2008 I bought a set of your luggage for my '08 R1200GS. The bike and luggage now have 72,000 miles on them and the cases function as new.

I could not be more pleased w/ your product. I have not been to your website in years so imagine my surprise when I went to the "what fits your bike" tab, navigated to "BMW R1200GS--2012 and older" and found............A picture of my bike!!! In Colorado, in front of a small lake loaded up tor the Top O The Rockies Rally a few years ago. Yes.....My humble mount is the poster bike for your luggage!!! I'm so honored!!

-Fred W.



I would just like to thank you for your help in picking out the best cases for what I wanted to do. I could not be more impressed with the cases and hardware you sent me! Keep up the good work!

Thanks, Adam R./Triumph Speed Triple with 35L Pelican Side Case System


I just wanted to let you know that I received the two inner bags for my 35L Storm side cases.  I want to tell you how impressed I am with your whole system.  And the inner bags are just as quality made as the rest of the system.
Thank you for everything, 9-27-13
Dennis J.


Dear Caribou,

Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with my cases. Not only do they look great they are going to make touring this year amazing. A great value and amazing product.

Bryen F., 2008 KLR 650 with 35L side and 34L top case, 4-1-2013


Dear Caribou-
I received my order yesterday- Hepco Becker luggage racks. Thank you for promptly sending them. I read several blogs on the internet regarding your attention to detail and prompt service. As a result, I wanted to personally thank you with an email. I am a satisfied customer and I plan to purchase from you again in the near future.
Derek B. 1-5-2013

Dear Caribou, I wanted to complement you on your product. I have your side cases on my V-strom. I am more then pleased with this set up. Best adventure luggage set up in my opinion. Don't think you could of picked a better box than the pelicans. My bike has been on its side more than once on both sides, even low sided it and took a slide on one side. Maybe some slider pucks as an option in the future? Cheers.  - Matt B., 10-7-2012

Dear Caribou. These bags have been through hell, and have held up extremely well. I'm continually impressed with their rigidity, and versatility. They're near the top of a very short list of favorite mods, and I recommend them all the time! Luke K. 7-19-2012

Dear Caribou, Just returned from my first 4-day trip with the new 35 litre cases on my BMW F650 GS. I bought them on the recommendation of Brian Werner, another satisfied customer. As in any road trip there were things that went wrong, but not with the Caribou cases- they performed as advertised. My riding buddy was on a '72 Norton and typically pretty light, stuff in a small backpack. I kept the right case for myself, gave him the left case. He had an extra pair of running shoes, changes of clothes, shaving kit. I had a computer, video camera, change of clothes, rain gear, my kit. We traveled over several passes, rode backroads and freeways, did some dirt and gravel, some road construction, had rain, wind, sun. The cases never moved, didn't rattle, leak; in general they were a great addition to the trip. Thanks for a great product. Clint  8-24-2011

Hi Caribou, I finally got time to install the cases and racks to my F800 yesterday. Everything went together very well and it is a very functional and robust package now that I see it all together. No bits missing and everything as laid out in the instructions. I will recommend Caribou Cases to everyone willing to listen. A couple of photo's will be sent to you for the website. This has been a very smooth and pleasant transaction. Thanks, Steve  R. 8-1-2011

Hi Caribou, I am writing to say thank you for the quick processing of my order and to advise how impressed I am with the cases. The cases arrived within 7 days of the order being placed, which is amongst the fastest shipping time I have ever received items from the USA and when considering these are the largest items I have ever ordered a huge surprise when they arrived so quick. This is my first experience with Pelican (Storm) Cases and I am very impressed with the excellent quality, appearance and strength of the cases along with your simple modifications for the lock, lid and luggage retaining straps. The ease of mounting your high quality fittings is also a credit to your R & D work and the simplicity of your system. The cases mounted easily to my SW Motech EVO Racks without requiring any modifications and with only miniscule adjustments on the lower brackets. I am very impressed with your Caribou Cases and would have no hesitation recommending them to anyone looking for a high quality and very cost effective alternative to traditional aluminium cases. Regards, David Yamaha XT660Z Tenere -Dave T. (Australia) 6-20-2011

I purchased a set of 40 Liter panniers (with case liners & tool kit), and a 3 Liter top-case for my 2005KLR 650 Kawasaki from Caribou Cases. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for the highest quality cases available. The cases are extremely durable, the design and craftsmanship are truly exceptional. The installation instructions were clear and easy to understand, the bracket mounted to my bike flawlessly everything lined-up perfect. I feel I was not the typical customer… I had a lot of questions prior to my purchase and one issue after I received my cases. Everything was handled via email and telephone quickly and completely. The customer care I received from Caribou Cases was just as impressive as their product. The kind of service I received was extraordinary. Hats off to you Caribou Cases.  -Timothy S. 6-1-2011

 Dear Caribou, Thank you so much for the replacement bracket. Once again you have gone above and beyond my expectations to service one of your customers. I have got to say that your luggage system is probably the most satisfying product I have gotten for my bike. For a price similar to that of the brittle, thin walled plastic luggage and half that of the aluminum options I got an incredibly durable product. Twice now I have "dropped" my bike while maneuvering it at low speed while fully loaded. And more recently I was in an accident on the 405 Fwy here in Southern California. I have to believe that the thinner more brittle plastic options would have cracked or shattered and the aluminum stuff would have dented. Not only is it hard to tell where the cases made contact with the asphalt but I honestly think that were it not for my Caribou Cases that I would have suffered significant injury to my leg when in my recent accident. It was because of your cases that my legs had an area of protection from being crushed by the weight of my bike. Anyway, even though I am long overdue in thanking you formally, I just wanted to send you an email singing your praises. Keep up the good work and I will keep on telling everyone I know about your amazing product line. -Bob, Costa Mesa, CA  3-29-2011

Good morning Caribou, A few observations about the Caribou 36L cases/HB Lock-it set-up I recently purchased: 1. Overall, this is a very well made, solid and tight fitting set-up. 2. The installation was straightforward. 3. I resolved the clearance issue with my Leo Vince pipe by purchasing a carbon fiber strap and lowering the pipe to make the clearance. Nice clean fix that is unnoticeable. 4. I like the fact that the HB mounts are easy to remove and without them, the mounts are barely visible. It keeps the clean look of the bike. 5. I like the quality and reputation of the Pelican cases. I had aluminum cases on my previous bike and, while nice, these are much better fitted to my requirements and makes the removal and storage much more convenient. 6. I do not mind the asymmetric mounting since it is not that noticeable and I am only installing the cases when I need them...purpose over aesthetics. Finally, it was good dealing with you and I appreciate your willingness to take the time to answer questions before and after the sale. Regards Bob  3-6-2011

Hi, my name is Kent. About 2 years ago I bought the 40 litre side cases with Hepco Becker racks. I could not be happier! I've put about 50,000km. on the cases through all kinds of roads and weather. Every thing thing in the cases has stayed dry and dust free. I have put the Vstrom down onto the cases more than I would like to admit, the cases are a bit scratched up but still work great. I tell people that Caribou Cases make great crash bars. This photo was taken on the Dempster Highway last summer, this summer I plan on doing the Trans Labrador Highway and have full confidence in these cases. The Vstrom and Caribou Cases are a great combination. Thanks for making a quality product. Sincerely; Kent  2-17-2011

Hi Caribou, I ordered a set of the 1440 top loader cases from you around last Xmas and thought I would tell you how great they were on my trip up to the Arctic circle and back, Rode to the D2D then up the Dempster and it was beautiful, then like flipping a coin it was the worst weather, rain, snow sleet hail, not to mention the road and all the mud and debris, Anyway long story short those cases were dry as a bone when I got finally made my way down the Dempster, They really worked well, and kept my stuff along with my computer dry and cozy. Feel free to use the pics on your site if you like as they're prtty much self explanatory of the conditions. Thanks again. Regards, Dan M.  11-17-2010

Hello: I installed my Caribou Cases and rack system on my 2004 KLR. These are awesome! Just wanted to give you a quick "thanks" for producing one of the best luggage systems in the world. They arrived on-time and installed very easily. I like the fact that they are light weight yet very durable. I could not be happier with your service and product. Thanks again. Sincerely, Murray B. 11-15-2010

Hi Caribou, I brought a set of 36 litre side cases for my 2009 KLR650 from you in July before heading off on an 8,000km on/off road trip through Western Australia and the Northern Territory. I just wanted to let you know that the cases were fantastic. The first off-road leg of out trip was down a track called the Gunbarrel Highway. Not much of a highway, just two 4WD wheel ruts and deeps corrugations! I came off seven times on the track but fortunately the cases (and my crash bars) took all the knocks and kept the bike intact. The right hand case took most of the knocks and I managed to break the compression latch and bend the bracket that the latch is attached to. Luckily nothing that a handful of cable ties couldn not fix. I was only 1000km into the trip at this stage and the cable ties worked for the next 7000km! It did not come off for the rest of the trip thankfully but we did go through a lot of rain at one point and then a lot of fine dust after that. There was absolutely no leakage of water/dust into either case. I was very impressed especially after the rought treatment I had given the cases! Finally I put together a website for the trip. It has a lot of good photos of the KLR with the cases on. I hope you do not mind but I put a link to your website on there. Feel free to have a look and if you want any the photos for your site let me know and I will email the originals to you. The site is Kind Regards Mike  11-2-2010

Great system, with very fixable "failsafes." I have been using these cases for the past 3 years and, if I were to do it all over again, I would buy this system again in a heartbeat. I have recommended this setup to anybody that asks. -Travis G. 11-29-2010

These cases are nothing short of amazing. I bought the bike with the Caribou Cases already on it. Thought they were functional but a little ugly. Now, after putting 25,000+ miles on the bags and trying to destroy them twice (not intentionally), I will never buy any other kind of bag. The Pelican bags and your brackets are absolutely fantastic. Thank you. -Kern B. 9-29-2010

I have to say after a 5000 mile round trip from Mobile AL out through Colorado , to Moab UT , then the grand canyon , to the Mexico border and back to Mobile the side boxes took a couple of good hits in Colorado on Cinnamon pass and cork screw pass and a couple of other places, they held up great as well as the frame. A few minor scratches but all in all GREAT EQUIPMENT !. Aaron S.  9-11-2010

Hi Caribou, I picked up a set of your cases little better than a month back, and I have to say I love the things. I have put about 4000 km on them, through a mix of highway and rougher-than-anticipated conditions and they have been fantastic. Even remained water-tight partially submerged in a creek! Anyways, here is a shot taken about 40KM from the nearest tarmac on an abandoned logging road in Newfoundland, Canada. Thanks again, Scott  A. (Canada) 8-29-2010

Hi Caribou, Just thought I would let you know I received the cases and mounts from you a couple of weeks ago. Finally got around to fitting them up two weekends ago and gave them their first use this past weekend. I wanted to thank you for your excellent service, delivery and products. Fitting the mounts to the cases was straight forward; they work great with the HB racks and appear to be quite robust. I am looking forward to getting many years use out of them. All the best, Adam  T. (Australia) 8-23-2010

Hi Caribou, I just got back from a 3 week ride from Denver, CO to Deadhorse AK and back. I used your 40L Caribou cases on my Suzuki VStrom 1000. Gotta say they worked perfectly. I went with 3 other fellas and we all used different bags, but I really think my setup was the best. Thanks for a great product! -Jim  7-7-2010

Hello Caribou, Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Top case for my V Strom. I have had quit a few compliments from other V Strom owners as well. I informed them of where I bought so you may get some more business from Boise. Thank you for the quick and quality service. That is getting harder and harder to find these days. Best regards, ONE HAPPY CUSTOMER Les F. 5-7-2010

I just wanted to drop you a quick note and tell you how pleased I am with my new Caribou cases. They assembled easily, mounted easily, and look great on the bike. I love the simplicity of removing the cases, and I was treated to a "waterproof test" on my first day riding with them (unusual in San Diego) and they did not leak a drop. I could not be happier with the cases. You have a great product! Thanks so much! Best regards, Frank  M. 4-24-2010

I got my inner bags yesterday and they look great. At first I was thinking that $100 for the set was steep and maybe I should try to make my own. Anything I could have made would have been inferior to these bags. They look great and I can hardly wait to use them. They also arrived faster than I thought they would. David  G. 3-23-2010

Hello, Just wanted to tell you how the caribou luggage saved my vstrom from total disaster. The front of the bike was destroyed.. all the plastic had to be replaced when the truck ran me off the road in northern Peru. Bike went down the mtn about 200 meters.. I only rolled about 75 meters.. insurance paid 6000 to repair the bike.. the back of the bike had no damage.. the bags look pretty bad but, they are still in service and they stayed on the bike to almost the end.. just wanted you guys to know also the brackets held together, no breaks. some guy told me the brackets were not welded well.... hahahah. now they know better. Ron from El paso, Texas and still on the road, thanks in part to caribou luggge system.  R.K. 3-10-2010

Thanks Roger. This is the second kit I have bought from you. First was for my DL650. This is for my Yamaha FZ1. Yes, I know, not exactly a touring bike, but your system is bullet proof. Scott J. 3-7-2010

Hello, I just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for putting such a fine system together. I am not so much an ADV rider but I commute by bike almost daily and this is the perfect set up for protecting my stuff. I snapped some pictures of your system on my FZ6 that you can view below. Feel free to use them on your website if you wish. Thanks again for making this happen, this is, without a doubt the ultimate motorcycle luggage system! Brad  2-28-2010

Hi Caribou Just wanted to drop you a line to say how impressed I am with the Caribou I just purchased off you. Excellent workmanship and very impressive on the bike. Always a worry importing an item of this size and cost from the other side of the world and then hoping it fits the new bike. All was well and everything fitted perfectly. Instructions were very well documented and simple to follow. I had been looking at your bags for sometime online (well before I decided on which was the next bike!) and did a fait bit of research of the other options and am very glad I went for yours. Excellent service too! Many Thanks Barry F650GS Twin Cylinder 36L Caribou Side Case System -Barry E. 11-10-2009



Just want to thank you for your product that "finally" fits my wishes.  I've gone through six bike tail packs/trunks on the same number of bikes over the past 16 years. My 35 liter Pelican case, not only looks good, but is exactly what I want/need on my trips and around town.  I purchased it for a new 2016 BMW GS purchased this past February.  Installation was easy and the fit and finish is as expected for an excellent reputable product such as a Pelican case.  I just unlatch it from the luggage rack plate and bring it in to the motel just like a piece of luggage.  It is one of the best, if not the best value, on the market today. 
Ron T. June 2016