ROK Straps 4 pack

ROK Straps - Four Pack


ROK Straps are the ultimate adjustable motorcycle tie-down strap. Attach to the frame, rear rack, Caribou Cargo Plate, or use in conjuction with Caribou Tie-Down Brackets. Buckle up the ends, pull tight and go. To unload, release tension and unbuckle. Rated to 100lbs each they are plenty strong. With just a short section of elastic the recoil is minimum, and with no hooks they are much safer than typical stretch cords. They adjust from a length of 18" to 60" so you always have the right length of strap. The flat profile strap keeps your gear secure far better than round stretch cords that tend to roll and move. Don't forget our Caribou Tie-Down Brackets (scroll through the Accessories page to find them).




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