Caribou DIY kit (Click on image above to enlarge)
Caribou quick attach/release (cases not included)
Keyed latch (cases not included)

DIY Side Case Mount Kit for Hepco Becker Side Luggage Racks- Standard Kit

SKU: DIYHBStandard

Made In USA


-Strong quick attach/release mount system holds the case tightly against the rack.

-The lockable Caribou latch is adjustable to account for wear and to keep the system tight and secure over years and tens of thousands of miles -no other luggage offers this feature
-Field replaceable latch is designed to release the case from the bike in a hard crash, protecting the bike's subframe and luggage rack.

-Coated aircraft grade aluminum backing plate serves as a drill template to take the worry and measuring out of drilling your own cases.

- Heavy duty steel components used, no flimsy plastic holding the case to the bike.

-NOTE: When mounting cases other than Caribou cases you will need at least a 8" (203mm)H x 14" (356mm)L flat area on the back and inside the case.

NOTE: Not Compatible with stock side luggage Racks that came with KTM or Buell motorcycles, only aftermarket HB racks are compatible.
-Caribou Luggage Systems is also a dealer for Hepco Becker side luggage racks so you can get one stop shopping and support on a complete Hepco Becker-Caribou solution.

-Includes photo instructions & phone support Mon-Fri 9-5pm Mountain Time.
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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by matt , 09/28/2014

Brilliantly easy to fit and then adjust the lock tension. I filled the bolt holes in the case with silicone as I went. I made a dummy case from ply wood to make sure I got position right on a dummy run first.